Prison Break

Prison Break

First Approach in “Watareka Open Prison”

Thanks to Ms. Iresha Udayangani my childhood friend who is now currently serving for a Government institute our plan of sharing the noble Dhamma in Prisons become a reality. 

With the support of Mr. Padmasiri Perera, Programme Manager of Humanitarian Values, we conducted our first program at “Watareka Open Prison” for about 20 – 30 prisoners on 15th October, 2016.  Ms. Thakshila who is another responsible officer in the institute immensely support with an honest interest!

They were so please with the way we conduct the Dhamma program and due to the security reason, we can’t capture any moments as photographs. 

For us it was a successful program!  Their response said it all!

Some says they now actually don’t feel any worries of being prison.  Because the peace & mental tranquility they received through the Dhamma explanation is powerful enough for them to continue their rest of the years in prison without a stress! 

All what we experience there is the power of purest noble Dhamma which has the power of healing mind without a limit. 

It’s unfortunate to see how many of us drag to the situations where we have to break the rules and follow the path of evil which cause to many sufferings.  That’s why we need to be wise enough to make a wise decision on what we have to do with our lives.  Then there won’t be any moment to regret. 

We all are prisoners in our own mind.  So, it’s time to break the prison and get freed!  Let’s “prison break” with Nirvana Dhamma! Because when wisdom arise, one can’t be a prisoner anymore!

Thank you very much Iresha & all the valued officers in "Department of Prisons, Sri Lanka" who support us for the best to share the best with those who need it the most!