Nirvana Dhamma Thoughts

Time to time Nirvana Dhamma is giving some quotes filled with a dhamma message to life. In here you can see all those quotes. Also if you like them you can download for yourself or share them with others!

I herewith give you all the permission to use these publications for your dhamma activities. You can print or share with your dhamma purposes. But if you are selling it any of these for any cost make sure to inform “Nirvana Dhamma” first as you shouldn’t make any profit out of the noble dhamma. It’s ok to have your printing cost saved by giving it to the same printing cost. Dhamma is not ours to sell.

Remember this small message always and using someone else noble message to make profit is like involving with stealing. This Noble message first brought by the Great Samma Sambuddha. So we have no copy right of these things, nor do we have the right to sell them.

Think wise and behave wisely with the noble dhamma. Coz the consequences can be something unexpected according to our actions! Have a blessed time and be with dhamma with the respect in your heart!














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