How we do this?

I don’t take physical Blindness as a disability.  Nor do the physical Deafness as a disability.  Coz every one of us are bound with those kind of function failures in our organs.   

The real disability comes as the ignorance.  It guides us to listen to the meaningless things and attract towards them while we have ability of listening some heart awakening truth!  It guides us to see the meaningless things and attract towards them while we have ability of seeing some heart awakening truth!

So, those who listen or see the noble truths through their wisdom even with some physical difficulties are noble beings who have understood the real meaning of their valued lives.  Hats off to them and may the triple gem bless all of them to touch the tranquility in Dhamma!

How we started this?

When we go for the live Dhamma discussion few times I met blind people who really interested in deep Dhamma.  “Saman” was one of the top among them.  We met him at the Ganegoda Rajamaha Viharaya Temple, Kumbalgama, Matara.  After the first day of Dhamma discussion he has become very fond of “Nirvana Dhamma” and spread the word around.  He always expresses how he understand things easily with the simple explanations and how supportive the explanations to walk in the path of Nirvana!

Then he explains how someone need to read the Dhamma book for him and how interested he is to read the written Nirvana Dhamma.  When we asked him, how I can share the audios with him, he said he can handle the USBs easily.  In that way, came the idea of sharing the Nirvana Dhamma as an Audio Book for them.  Also for those who are lazy to read can be benefited with the same effort!  So, why not start something like this!

We thought it’s better to use the USBs for this project than CD or DVD unless the blind person request them according to the way they used to!  May be in future this noble project also will spread its wings like the “Nirvana Dhamma in Sign Languages”. 

Why we do this?

Why not we do this?  As you all know by now “Nirvana Dhamma” is for all kind of beings.  There not a single being who cannot take the benefits from purest Buddhism.  So, Nirvana Dhamma is like a platform to spread that blessing in modern days. 

First, we started for our Deaf community and now for Blind Community.  In between we dedicated time to share the blessings with all kind of beings who seeks some peace!

All we need is to see many beings heal their heart with the purest Buddhist teachings before it vanishes behind the duplicate Buddhism!

Loads of merit & blessings to Saman who gave the idea of this Noble Project to spread this way!