A.U.E for life

April 2019 edition

A.U.E for life

Article summary

Let me share the simple theory of how I deal my day to day life activities and stay calm & happy all the time with a peaceful mind. This was come across recently with nice 3 letters and I hope you too can try to apply the 3-letter method to stay calm & happy in all the situations.

Accept - When you come across a situation you just have to accept whatever the situation as it is without trying to change it according the way you want.  Be an outsider to the situation.  Don’t take it personally!  Just ACCEPT it as an outsider so you can accept it as it is. 

Understand - Then you get the time and more doors to Understand the situation more profoundly.  It’s quite impossible to understand something deeper with an agitated mind.  So, being and accepting the situation as an outsider will give you more room to understand the certain situation without an agitated mind. 

Enjoy - Result is obvious.  With an agitated mind you react to the situation with loads of frames within.  But now, all you can do is “Enjoy” the whole situation without agitated reaction at all.  This time your reaction will be wiser, more human and more peaceful than ever.

And yes, one cannot accept any situation as a pro without the help of the realization of exact reality we are trapped in.  This is where the purest Buddhist teachings comes for the support.  The realization you have on what you see, hear, contact & feel will guide you to accept the situation as it is with a clearer mind.  But remember this is not to discourage you.  You may be thinking “Ok, that’s it this writer is trying to turn us into Buddhist or trying to feed us Buddhism through this method”.

Well I would say NO! I am Not! Remember what I said: This comes for the Pros 😊 if you like to be a Pro with the A.U.E method then you can try little more to dig deeper in to seek what purest Buddhism is.  Otherwise just go with the flow.  Try it from your level best.  Coz I know you can do it. I know coz I did this even before I am familiar with the purest Buddhist teachings.  I tried it as a kid.  I tried it as a teen. I tried it as a young one and now I think I’m becoming a pro of this.  There are not enough words to describe the coolness, peacefulness maintained mostly during many situations.  I am happy with the progress and hope you can experience the same.

The more you understand the reality the more you able to accept things as it is.  The more you accept things as it is the more you get a clearer mind to understand mostly everything arise.  This whole bond, the unique connection between accepting and understanding will surely give you a joyful ride with whatever the situation arises.  The joy will maintain the peace in your mind and literally you will be able to experience the solidness of your insight!

Good luck to all of you and have a blessed year ahead with A.U.E / U.A.E method from your level best! 

P.S. – I never had these three letters with me.  I only had the method with me.  In recent time while I’m having a profound discussion about the life & the situation, we have to face in our day to day life with a very dear friend / son of mine from UK Mr. Alex Nowak, is the one who actually come up with the idea of A.U.E / U. A. E letters.  I thought it is wonderful.  More blessings to the wonderful human being!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka