The Dhamma will guide you!

March 2015 edition

The Dhamma will guide you!

Article summary

This is the second part of the previous month’s editorial. Let’ explore further on to the discussed matter for our own betterment.

When we chose to follow the hard & dangerous path to achieve what we expect, the peace or the happiness, the results also getting harder & dangerous on us… we won't get the happiness or peace as we expected instead we get bundle of stress and uneasiness. So be careful on what you wish for and the way you achieve your wishes.

There is a hidden truth which is not visible as long as we doesn't want to see it or realize. There is always something else happens as the result for what we expect but we don't see it. we only see the comfort or pleasure which we believe we finally achieved… but the reality is the result which is totally different from what we expected brings us the uneasiness, the stress, the discomfort, the suffering etc… so when you realize the end result through your wisdom you never get in to the trap… you always see the trap behind what you expect… so you realize there is nothing to value or attached by giving various values…

There are so many methods of seeing the unseeing… such people see the "suffering of creating process" which we call "Sankhara Dukkha"… and also the "Suffering of destruction at the end" which we call in dhamma as "Viparinama Dukkha"… in between we see the "Suffering of Suffering" which we call "Dukkha Dukkha" in dhamma… the suffering is realized through 3 categorize which named in dhamma as "Tisso Dukkha"…

As long as you don't see these through your own wisdom and think about it or focus your mind to capture this eternal reality you won't see this. It's always hidden for yourself… you fooled by thinking that there is indeed a pleasure or comfort in this world… the true mediation comes with the realization… the more you focus your own self to capture this hidden truth you will be able to experience the reality by your own self… you will be able to see that the so call comfort or pleasure is nothing but a delusion of your own mind… you are cheated from the beginning… you are nothing but a prisoner of your own mind…

When you realize the eternal truth from that level you will see that there is nothing in this world which is apart from these 3 kind of suffering. The world is nothing but a creation of these 3 kind of suffering… you will not find a proper place to be or exists in the whole 31 plains as you see the reality of them. The truth will touch you… you will be able to touch the truth!

So without concentrating or focusing to capture the hidden reality of your own so called world you won't be able to achieve the pure happiness… the great pleasure of nirvana… the enlightenment… your view is not in the correct path… you are with the false view… when you achieve the correct view of seeing the unseeing you will be able to experience the real happiness the path of nirvana will be uncovered… when the correct view is there the rest of the points which describes in the noble eight fold path will be with you… there is no need to revise or repeat those words like you are going to sit on an exam… the path itself guide you to the enlightenment the true happiness & peace!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

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