Criticizing is not Buddhism!

February 2013 edition

Criticizing is not Buddhism!

Article summary

As we discussed in the previous editorial, the Buddhism has duplicate brands now. Just as concentrating on numbers as Buddhism, the criticizing also become a trend these days. Let’s talk about bit on this topic to get rid from such duplicate brands comes under Buddhism.

People take time to criticize people whom known as Buddhist.

Target can be a monk or nun or a temple... etc. People love to talk about how they live, how they practice, how they eat etc… at the end of the day concentrating on all the external behaviors which Samma Sambuddha not recommended to do. Or else compare the Buddhism with other religions and criticize other religions how wrong they are and how correct the Buddhism is.

All these cause to create hatred in the hearts. How can it be Buddhism when there is Desire, Hatred & ignorance takes the lead? Think wise for your safety!!!

Fighting upon words, fighting upon dhamma, criticizing, comparisons, desires, hatred… etc… etc… how this can be Buddhism? This question should come to your mind to save yourself from duplicate brands with the same label call Buddhism or Dhamma. So whenever you read or listen or refer something under the tag or label of Buddhism be wise enough to recognize pure Buddhism.

The above mentioned topics are truly entertaining for most of the people as they increase the level of desire, hatred & ignorance. Improving desires, hatred & ignorance is the common method we all practice so easily. So such topics get rating, comments, compliment, likes and popularity so quickly.

If someone is posting or publishing via any medium or when you read or listen or be in touch with Buddhism in any medium be careful and be wise. Because everything labeled as Buddhism is may not actually be Buddhism or everything call dhamma is may not actually dhamma.

So to find out what pure Buddhist teaching is, simply analyze the deep meaning behind the words or anything which you come across as Buddhism or dhamma. Think how this can be supportive enough to cease desire, hatred & ignorance and bring peace & happiness to your mind.

Whether it is a story from Lord Buddha’s life time or something related to dhamma, think about the meaning and the essence of the whole story or dhamma piece.

In this site we talk more on this matter as it is highly important for one’s understanding over deep pure Buddhist teachings! May triple gem bless you all for the best!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka