Morality for liberation

March 2022 edition

Morality for liberation

Article summary

If you seek the eternal truth… if you seek for the true liberation… if you really need to be an awaken one… your dedication matters the most. Your true dedication and your honesty are the key to your liberation. Let’s discuss deep into the needful morality for our liberation. This month editorial is based on the sutta named “Kiṁsīla – What Morality?” which is in Kuddhaka Nikaya, Pali canon.

Once a wealthy friend of Sariputta thero, became a monk and took advice from Ven. Sariputta.  But even after giving loads of dhamma advice and guidance, this bhikku fails to realize the deep dhamma which leads to liberation.  So, Ven. Sariputta thought it’s better to meet the blessed one with this bhikku and visited the blessed one.  When they meet the Lord Samma SamBuddha, Ven. Sariputta asked;

“With what morality, what conduct, nurturing what deeds, would a person lay the foundations right, and reach the highest goal of nibbana?”

Then the blessed one whom aware of everything and everyone knew, that Ven. Saritputta who is the wisest among all the disciples asking this kind of primary question for the sake of other bhikkhu who is with him by seeking the blessed one’s guidance.  So, Samma SamBuddha answered this question in a way that other bhikkhu could understand easily.  (Read the full sutta Here)

“Honoring elders without jealousy must be a quality to have” – There are four types of elders.  Elders by wisdom, elders by morality, Elders by birth, elders by age.  Because of their elderly qualities, they do get gifts and praises and various kinds of benefits.  Those who don’t respect & honor the elders feel jealous about what they receive too.  So, when one has such cheap quality, that one can’t progress in the path of liberation.  So, one must have the quality of honoring elders without jealousy. 

“Knowing the time to visit their teachers. Treasuring the chance for a Dhamma talk, listening carefully to the well-spoken words” – One should seek for the guidance of the noble friends, noble teachers in this path of dhamma.  Because the teachings of Samma SamBuddha is not just a bundle of words or something possible to learn through a textbook.  There can be time you suffer with deep craving, desires, hatred, and you may feel that you are not in control of yours.  On such occasion, one should visit the noble ones and should take guidance.  That wisdom of identifying the right time should be there as a quality.  You know it’s common sense, that simply knowing what’s the best should be done.  On such occasion you should aware how privilege you are to have such noble ones to talk.  And one should treasure the moment and listen carefully to each, and every single word said by the teacher, the noble friend.

Respecting & honoring the privilege moment means one should put them in to practices.  Always dig deep into the meanings of dhamma and dedicate the time to be with dhamma.  Delighting in the teaching, enjoying the teaching, standing on the teaching, investigating the teaching, one never say anything that degraded the teaching, but would be guided by genuine words well-spoken.

One should never delay meeting or honor the noble friends, teachers because of the ego.  “I know this… I know that… I am in the practices… I am a teacher too… I can preach dhamma… I know dhamma… I am doing well with my practices… I have special virtue… I don’t have time for such dhamma talks… I can manage… etc., etc…,” this kind of egoistic feeling can keep you away from the dhamma guidance which is highly necessary to develop in the path of nibbana.  So, don’t let the ego win.  Be humble and honest to realize the eternal truth.

Being honest, not being a fraud, is a must.  When one attach to the country, race, status, relations, health, wealth etc… it’s like being drunk and intoxicated by those subjects.  The more we talk about them, the intoxication develops, and we are getting away from liberation.  Being too much happy for those worldly facts and being too unstable & sad when happens bad things for the close ones are also makes you keep away from the liberation. 

So, to be mindful, to be aware of the noble truths, to realize noble dhamma and the essence of well-spoken words, stillness is the essence of learning and understanding.  Those who develop this morality can listen to the deep essences of dhamma when noble ones explain them.  Otherwise, they would be just a bundle of words with no meaning at all.  Knowing just words of dhamma can’t make you an awakening one.  So, to touch the essence, develop this morality. Those who do so, can be liberated and can be awakened without being delayed!

So, my dear dhamma friends, guard well your mind, body & words.  Develop the morality and always try to be in touch with those who are doing well in the dhamma path.  Be humble enough to listen and be honest for what you are doing.  Then the nibbana, the liberation is not something far away from you!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka