Parable of the Log to our lives! - Part 01

September 2013 edition

Parable of the Log to our lives! - Part 01

Article summary

Ever wonder why you are not still enlightened? It must be one of these reasons. Carefully go through this editorials as well as the next 2 editorials to find out the reasons of delaying the final achievement of yours, with some deep dhamma.

This is the perfect time to think about the possible reasons for not being an enlightened one yet. There must be something missing on your practice or there must be something which you still not found as the reason. So in this article I'm going to share some valuable points which Great Samma Sambuddha pointed out to accelerate the path of nirvana. 

Once Samma Sambuddha pointed out a log which floating on a river. The Blessed one explained 8 exact reasons for that log to miss the chance of meeting the ocean at the end.   {The explained sutta named "Darukkhandhopama Sutta" (Parable of the log) is on the Sutta Pitaka < Samyuktha Nikaya 4th book on the page 350 - 355 - You Can Read or Download the Sutta, below in this article}

  1.  If the log come to this side of river bank
  2. If the log come to the other side of river bank
  3. If the log sink on the middle of river
  4. If the log bring up by the river in to a sand island which are on the middle of the river
  5. If the log taken by the human beings
  6. If the log taken by the non-human beings
  7. If the log taken by a whirl pool
  8. If the log deterioration from the inside

So think about the given 8 reason. Can you think about any other reason apart from these? I think it's a complete one and there can't be any other reason for the above discuss situation. 

As the river always goes to the ocean whatever floating on the river is possibly goes to the ocean if that thing doesn't come across the above situations. So why, these example is given? Now it's time to apply it to your own self and examine the hidden dhamma. 

Samma Sambuddha himself explained how the above 8 points work on a person whom willing to attain nirvana (become enlighten). Let’s discuss the deep dhamma fact through the next editorial. Stay in touch with Nirvana Dhamma to explore the purest teachings!

To Read or download  the full Sutta click Here; 

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka