Stained Mind or Not

August 2021 edition

Stained Mind or Not

Article summary

Last time we talked about how we can obtain a pretty face with a beautiful mind. We talked about what are the facts which makes one to becomes a “person liable to decline”. And in this let’s find out what are the facts which cause to have a skilled & beautiful mind.

Last time we discussed how we concern of a pretty & clean face with no dirt or any stains.  We check our outer appearance all the time and we maintain it nicely because we do care for ourselves. 

But my dear human beings, having a beautiful & well maintained out appearance is not enough at all.  A beautiful mind is YOU.  It reflects who you are as a person.  No matter how prettier or handsome you are if you have an unskilled mind filled with dirt.     So, you better work out on your inner beauty too.

So, let’s see what are the given points by the blessed one for this work out. 

You should check your mind daily for these facts; what are they?

  1. Am I content? Is contentment often found in me or not? Do I know the path to be content?

  2. Am I in the destructive path? Am I having an agitated mind?  Do I know the path which leads not to have an agitated mind?

  3. Am I lazy to find out about the never heard dhamma before? Is dullness and drowsiness often found in me or not? Do I know the teachings to be free from laziness, dullness & drowsiness?

  4. Am I a calm being? How my attitude & ego works?  Do I know the path to get rid of ego?

  5. Am I doubtful & suspect about the noble beings & the teachings they shared? Do I know those teachings?

  6. Am I kind? How hateful I am?  How my heart is filled with anger?  Do I know the path of get rid from the anger?

  7. Is purity of mind often found in me or not? Am I filled with defilements?  Do I know the path to purify mind?

  8. Is internal joy with the teaching found in me or not?

  9. Is internal serenity of heart found in me or not?

  10. Is the higher wisdom of contemplating the true nature found in me or not? Do I know that teaching?

Suppose while you are checking you don’t see any of these skillful qualities in yourself.  Or suppose even a single skill is missing.  

In order to get them you should make more effort.  You have to be enthusiastic like you have to care for your outer appearance.   Your passion for this, vigor, perseverance, mindfulness, and awareness will make you a skillful person.

Suppose your clothes or head were on fire. In order to extinguish it, you’d apply outstanding enthusiasm, effort, vigor, perseverance, mindfulness, and awareness. In the same way, you should apply outstanding enthusiasm to get those skillful qualities.

To be content, to not be agitated and relaxed, be enthusiastic, to be humble & calm, to be confident upon noble ones & path, to be kind & compassionate, having a pure heart filled with joy of practicing the noble dhamma & wise contemplating.  You definitely become a more beautiful human being with all these skills. 

When you have all these skillful qualities you can end the defilements and become a truly blessed being with the joy of a pure heart!  So, work on these beautiful humans.  Have a skilled mind!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka