Don’t take it personally!

October 2017 edition

Don’t take it personally!

Article summary

“A phrase people use as a disclaimer to make an excuse to say or do something rude or mean to you to prevent you from having a poor self-image or so there won't be repercussions and make you feel they still like you even though they probably don't.” Let’s talk about the Dhamma portion in this little phrase which we use in our day to day life!

This is how it expressed as in commonly known definitions. 

I’m sure you already have experienced this phrase, at least one time in your life.  Whether others use it or not as a phrase what we should check within is that do we really do this.  Do what?  Taking things personally! 

When someone say things, or do things or not matter what, many of the time we take things personally.  This habit spread like a disease within and we end up taking almost everything so personal at the end.  From the smallest things to politics, scientific phenomena, and almost everything.

So, it’s time to check within.  In every occasion, be mindful and look inner thoughts.  Do you take things personally?   Every single time we take things personally we feel “I” in a very strong manner.  Here we go!  “I” created.  The simplest reason was, taking the happening incident personally. 

Every time we see things, hear things, taste, touch or smell things, or feel things which comes as thoughts we take them personally.  Aren’t we?  Yes, we do! From that moment, onward, all kind of issues, problems begin.  That’s where the origin of problem.   

Well, this is a deep topic to discuss further.  But, as you all know by now I sometimes give a glimpse of the deepest Dhamma through these editorials.  So, as a beginning observe your own self.  Check within and observe how you take things personally! 

Well! Errr… don’t take this personally too!  Haha… enjoy the moment without taking it personally!  Let’s explore further, how to do this with wisdom!  Have a blessed time dearest beings with wisdom!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka