Do you have true FAITH?

May 2021 edition

Do you have true FAITH?

Article summary

Faith can be varying according to the subject. When it comes to the Buddhism, it’s important to identify whether we have true faith or not which leads us to the true liberation.

The blessed one once explain some points to identify about the true faith.  Let’s check on them and let’s observe ourselves whether we have it or not.

This is in Pali canon - Numbered Discourses (Thika Nipathaya) - 5. The Lesser Chapter (Chulla Wagga) - 42. Three Grounds (Sangalakkhana Sutta)

“Bhikkhus, in three cases one may be understood to have faith and confidence. What three? When one desires to see those of virtuous behavior; when one desires to hear the good Dhamma; and when one dwells at home with a mind devoid of the stain of miserliness, freely generous, openhanded, delighting in relinquishment, devoted to charity, delighting in giving and sharing. In these three cases, one may be understood to have faith and confidence.”
One who desires to see the virtuous ones, who wishes to hear the good Dhamma, who has removed the stain of miserliness, is called a person endowed with faith.
“Oh! It’s easy to identify” you may feel like this.  But is it?  Let’s dig much deeper in to what says here.

When you check these three cases within you check all these things too. 

What is faith according to you?  For whom you are faithful?  Check who is virtuous ones according to your opinions. What is virtue according to you.  Who is not virtuous people according to you? And to whom do you wish to give?  Is there any limitation to your giving?  To whom you like to listen to the most?  Whose sermons you prefer most to listen? 

Are vegetarian people being virtuous according to you?  Do you see forest tradition bhikkhus are more virtuous than the other bhikkhus?  Do you like to offer food and other things only for these types?  Do you wish to listen to only these types?  Then your virtue & virtuous people & good true dhamma & your giving are all framed according to your personal view. When you wish to give only to those who identify as virtuous people then you are greedy to give to others whom you believe not virtuous. 

So, this is not the true faithful person which explained above by the blessed one.  A true faithful person which has true confidence which arise from wisdom, identifies the virtuous people correctly.  It’s never become personal.  And identifies true dhamma wherever it explains and by anyone and it’s not again personal.  And giving become universal, & not just based on personal views.

So, you see my dear dhamma friends. It’s always deeper than we believe. 

Do not cling in to what your mind believes to be true.  Always seek the truth according to the true dhamma.  When your search is for the truth, you will be guided by the universe itself to reach the noble triple gem.   That’s when you be able to feel the bliss of being a true faithful & confident personality within you. 

So, focus… focus for the true liberation my dear friends!!! Have a blessed time!!!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka