Maintenance means suffering!

July 2017 edition

Maintenance means suffering!

Article summary

Well, you can live happily & peacefully. But there is a certain amount of effort you always need to achieve that. From material comfort to the spiritual comfort you gain there is always certain amount of effort required to achieve that comfortless, peace & happiness. Let’s dig in to deep!

You can argue why we need to be enlightened in Samma Sambuddha’s terms, OR as Buddhist way of interpretation while we have many other way of being enlightened. 

For an example; being content in the life is a peaceful and joyful ride…  if that’s also feel troublesome being spiritual and finding the meaning of life and achieving the bliss of no mind, the highest state of meditation also peaceful & joyful ride with no compare to the material achievements.  So, as such there are so much of methods to be peaceful, content, happy & joyful.  Then why Nirvana the enlightenment?  Then why it has to be the enlightenment according to the Buddhist way?  What’s the different of this so called special teaching? 

This is how many question about the teaching of great Samma Sambuddha.  This is how many misunderstand the teaching of great Samma Sambuddha with the identified varied methods of enlightenment according to the term of how you concluded according your own knowledge. 

So, what the difference?

Look closely, observe closely, each & every method you identified as a method of enlightenment or as enlightenment has some amount of effort to MAINTAIN it!  There is a maintenance issue.  Whether it comes to a happy, peaceful & enlightened life through contented life there is maintenance.  You need to maintain the method to continue the result. 

When you are spiritual person, and have contented with the highest level of meditation you need to maintain the position again & again. 

But, in Samma Sambuddha’s method there is no maintenance issue.  You have been encouraged to attain the greatest level of enlightenment and specialty is that there are no maintenance issues.  And there is no identified effort according to your terms to attain the highest level or maintain it.  If enlightenment is real that’s how it should be right?  If there is a freedom or real liberation that’s how it should be isn’t it? 

Otherwise what’s the point of liberating if you still have to go through the same process of maintaining something you achieved?

Have you really achieved anything if you still have to make effort of keep maintaining it?  It’s easy to fall in to traps than be safe from them!   So, just be careful!  What your knowledge interpret & concluded as truth may not be the ultimate truth which you believe as it is!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka