The source

September 2016 edition

The source

Article summary

These days many are trying to learn Buddhist instead of realizing it. When we try to learn something we always look in to the scriptures and other necessary proofs for the fact we learn. This is an unfortunate mistake and we should know it wisely!

Most of the people are asking for a "The source"... especially when it comes to the Dhamma. It's good in a way...

BUT I sometimes wonder what happen if the people in Great Samma Sambuddha's time period did the same?

What if they ask the source from Lord Buddha?

What if they ask the source from great arihath or other disciples who realized the noble Dhamma?

Only different was those days’ listeners were wise enough to understand this simple thing... that is - in Dhamma, "the source" means self-realizations... But these days in Dhamma "The source" definition changed to everything apart from self-realization...!

Even in Samma Sambuddha's time they had books... very ancient Trivedh books they had and referred. Those books even had the same teachings which Lord Buddha explained. In such occasions Lord Buddha happen to explain the deeper meanings to those written scriptures and explained how they should understand to become an enlighten one.

No matter how hard the listener believe in those scriptures they were smart & wise enough to examine the meaning given by Samma Sambuddha. They did that even without knowing that they are listening to a great Samma Sambuddha or any enlightened being...

Think wise... be smart... then it won't be difficult to liberate from your own jail call mind!

Rajitha Viduransi | Kelaniya, Sri Lanka